HorseMoji: Equestrian Emoji 

Our HorseMoji app is an emoji keyboard built by equestrians for equestrians. We felt unsatisfied with the few stock emojis of horses that came with our phones, so we decided to create more!

The HorseMoji app is now in the App Store and Google Play for android! 

***Please note***

Both our emoji keyboards require Full Access in order to work. This is normal for 3rd party keyboards and is more in effect as a release to allow any data you enter in our keyboard to be transmitted, which would include sensitive information. Despite the warning you see, we do NOT in any way see, collect, or use any users private data. Our privacy policy URL can be viewed on the app's pages. If theres any questions regarding this please feel free to contact us! 

who we are

*If you are having trouble enabling and using either emoji keyboard on your iPhone, please refer to this video which is a brief walk through for iOS. If you are still experiencing difficulties please send us an email. 

Red Neck Emoji

Red Neck Emoji is another emoji keyboard we offer. It was created to acknowledge the true American spirit! This emoji app offers images that represent the red neck way of life, including hunting and fishing emojis!

The Red Neck Emoji app is coming soon to the App Store for iPhone as well as Google Play for Android.